Porridge shop business skills analysis

although the catering market is large, but do porridge shop professional is not much, but have many nutritious porridge, the market demand is very large, but only can in the breakfast shop to buy, so now to open a business must be good, but the key is how to business?

porridge in China has a history of nearly 3000 years. The Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" said, "porridge extremely soft and greasy, and gastrointestinal Xiangde, most dietary knack also". Lu You, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, even thought that porridge could be immortal. The medical profession recognized, porridge can benefit the Yin fluid, hair stomach fluid, spleen and stomach, complement deficiency, the most suitable people.

the porridge, porridge is boiled in the relatively low temperature and long time of the case, to reduce the damage on the decomposition of protein and fat, reduce the loss of vitamins and minerals, so that some can escape dissolved in the soup, which can make the porridge more nutritional value. But the porridge is one of the greatest features is, in addition to the main raw material for food, a variety of ingredients with high medicinal value, such as lotus, lily, lentils, coix seed, tuckahoe, yam, red dates, walnuts.


investment crowd: small investors, almost no what requirements; customer groups: all people; start-up capital: 2-5 million; shop area: 20-50 square meters; tips: the best location to open shops in the neighborhood are frequented, district and city delicacy.

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