What are the good projects to do in 2016

how do you want to start making money in 2016, you should find a good project, intentions to do, will be harvested. So the question is, what good projects in 2016 what? Small entrepreneurs how to find a project? Today to introduce you to the specific.

2016 what are the good projects? Open home porridge shop

Chinese every family porridge, everyone drink porridge, which is no doubt the fact. It is precisely because of such a social basis, with the characteristics of Chinese food and beverage market to show a strong vitality. According to the survey, in all Chinese fast food, porridge as an eternal theme, the longest duration, the highest popularity. Especially with the accelerated pace of life, increasing varieties of congee, more and more consumers have to go outside to drink porridge, porridge by family food into food stores selling goods, this change as a direct result of the rapid expansion of the catering market. Congee can provide three meals and takeaway dinner, can be packaged. 24 hours of operation, the 5 business period form 5 selling peak, each table over Taiwan daily 8 times, each time dial guest consumption 50 yuan, a table on the operating income up to 400 yuan, net profit of 200 yuan. A shop if you can put on the table 10, earn fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan a month will be able to make a bowl of porridge! A market, a bowl of porridge as a business, has become an unshakable fact. In the theme restaurant in like a raging fire porridge, porridge and grade have different varieties. In addition to the considerable profit porridge itself, but because of the other dishes and dessert porridge porridge is far greater than itself, driving factor is as high as 1:10, which is 5 yuan a bowl of porridge, linking consumption of at least 50 yuan; if 3 people dining together, drink a bowl of porridge, total consumption you can reach 150 yuan.

2016 what are the good projects? Waterless car cleaning

the project does not require high skill, high investment, no waste water, no pollution, only need to order special detergent can. The main method is: first use of water-saving washing machine (can be ejected gas, similar blower) cars on the earth to blow, and then the " super car washing water; " (special configuration liquid) spray evenly on the surface of the paint, use the wet towel or sponge to wipe the car, and then polishing towel or dry towel polishing, dirty car will soon be bright. For the more dirty and difficult to clean the chassis, engine, tires and other parts, can be made with a special car foam dry cleaning machine.

2016 what are the good projects? Pet business

with the continuous improvement of living standards, and the family scale, pets have become more and more a part of people’s daily life, Chinese pet consumption has formed the scale. Experts believe that, according to the law, a country’s per capita gross domestic product between 3000-8000 U.S. dollars, the pet industry will be rapid development. Some coastal cities in China

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