What are the costs of different grades of clothing

want to start in the clothing industry, can win the love of the people, worthy of attention, because the clothing industry profit margins, allows you to earn more money, so by the favor of investors, today we introduce to you the different grades of clothing to join cost.

clothing store franchise fee – high-end

this kind of brand in the domestic market has been for many years, even in the international market have also made great achievements, their brand awareness and recognition are very high, in the minds of consumers to establish a complete brand image, market share is high and stable. They have a wealth of experience in the operation of the brand, the ability to control the product and terminal is very strong, the franchise system has been very perfect, so it is the best choice for franchisees.

is not difficult to speculate that this kind of brand jiamengfei nature will be a little higher, after all, the headquarters provide franchise support is very perfect, such as Youni dress according to the way the cost of joining in the 20-50 million, brother to join the cost between 50-100 million.

clothing store franchise fee – mid-range

this kind of brand often in the national region to implement its franchise system, a large number of print ads, publicity of its brand and marketing network, attract individual operators to join. They are in the market has achieved a certain reputation, a good product performance in the segment market, high-end brands to join the threshold than a low point, the corresponding goods rate is low, the profit margins of large single goods.

total, mid-range clothing stores to join the cost will be relatively low, such as Metersbonwe 10-20 million, 5-10 million for Semir.

clothing store franchise fee – low

brand operators are mostly engaged in apparel processing or brand management of the enterprise, after market segmentation, to find a reasonable position, looking forward to be able to develop in the clothing market. This type of brand marketing channels mainly rely on the franchise system, there is no brand awareness, it is difficult to expand the market, small series do not recommend that you join.

different grades of clothing, it is for the consumer groups are not the same, so the profit margin is not the same, with consumers the choice of clothing, different grades of garments have their own advantage, win the love of the people.

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