Wuhan is really Sakura snow changeable weather had become a rare beauty

each year Wuda cherry blossom season, will attract tens of thousands of visitors to watch, this year’s cherry blossom season, Wuhan began to snow, cold weather makes people see the rare beauty — the true Wuda Sakura snow!

[look! Sakura cried Wuda beauty! And with more snow OH] during the day, from the air, such as a piece of pink clouds. Last night in Wuhan a little snow, cherry snow, it is a different style, if you can not visit the map to see cherry blossoms, stamp ~!

"is not the same every day" as the slogan of the Wuhan March 9, 2016 under the snow, just the cherry blossoms slightly worried buddies go out, they found a different picture of snow sakura.



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