nternet entrepreneurs must avoid several mistakes

is a mobile Internet era, at the same time in such an era, was also an era of opportunities and challenges, so the mobile Internet has become a platform, the main business then, note what issues need through the Internet business?

books and newspapers in the past, brilliant story, there is too much text to theory about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in fact, entrepreneurship itself is a tragic history.

blindly copying foreign models ignore the conditions not down to earth

needs their own definition is not necessarily true demand

The real needs of

had founded Jiayuan network Gong Haiyan century senior entrepreneurs. 10 years ago, the reason Gong Haiyan founded Jiayuan is you can not find the object through the century, not only she found happiness, also let a thousand members Jiayuan lovers. 10 years later, when Gong Haiyan and the way of thinking to think under the direction of an entrepreneur, she thought of his own pain points in English – speaking no, again from their pain points to venture into the foreign language training market. But this from the solution to the "self demand" of the two venture failed.

is a wealth of experience who may be a "burden" of

entrepreneurs in the past successful experience represents a summary of a time, but will fall into the mindset and path dependence. The well-known angel investor Paul   " Graham recommended

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