Cross border electricity supplier to witness the magic swimsuit can sell

from e-commerce to cross-border electricity supplier, China’s electricity supplier operators have not only to meet the domestic market, they will look to the international market with more potential for development, will be sold to the country, sold to the world.

"sell today can have 5000 yuan!" Sunday all day, Yang Qian fingers had scarcely left the keyboard, percussion sound, hundreds of single business to finalize the swimsuit.

5 to complete the creation of brand transformation, electricity supplier achievements in the development of Xingcheng

The development of

Xingcheng swim 30 years, really have a high reputation, is with the aid of electronic commerce in recent years.

2010 years, e-commerce began to rise, in order to promote the combination of swimwear industry and e-commerce, the new e-commerce building in Xingcheng. Here the business enterprise, does not need to pay a penny, rent, property and other expenses subsidized by the government, business enterprise pour in.

2012 in April, 15 production companies along the trend of the Internet for the spontaneous formation of the first swimwear business platform, and established the first business park – day swimwear swimwear e-commerce business park, the average daily sales of 20 thousand, annual sales of nearly 300 million yuan; then, through platforms such as swimming waves continue to launch.

The reporter saw in the

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