Cheng big small hot pot Four Seasons Hot why

summer has passed, many Hot pot shop business performance can be used this word is a stirring among the dry bones, Hot pot is a kind of seasonal food items, there are peak seasons. However, there is a special brand of hot pot, summer tourists constantly, not to mention the winter, this is a small pot of hot pot hot pot. Why is this store?

One reason

is now more and more people have what seasonal consumption, summer eat Hot pot beauty detoxification, and blowing air blowing Hot pot, or eating in the open Hot pot is a pretty cool leisure choice. Now more and more consumer personality, anti season consumption are many. Small pot accounted for half of the market, indicating that it is extremely strong popularity, sea fishing is also hot this year, the reasons for this.

Cheng a small hot pot in the summer with the same brand to create a lot of years of consumer boom, this year with three steps to create an upgraded version of the four seasons small pot of youth.

Cheng small pot to join the advantages of small

, a diversified.

because of various tastes, the taste can be modulated up to 60, according to the taste of summer abnormal popular beauty secret tomato pot, Jintang sauerkraut pot, nutritious and delicious seafood pot, the pot and so on many kinds of wild fungus nourishing, taste, many optional. Each season has the taste of every season.

two, category diversification.

summer Youpin collocation is another highlight of large and small Hot pot, the summer ice cream, cold, cold Hot pot cooking, barbecue, dessert, French fries, chicken and other popular snacks, snacks, Hot pot combination, constitute a new consumption boom, obtain more welcome.

three, social operation.

through the restaurant culture building, large and small brands have a huge market acceptance Hot pot natural groups, with short operation way of beauty, youth literary culture, great penetration of the emotional identity, let more people willing to talk about, to spread to the formation of consumer inherent, and the interaction between the circle of good.

Cheng big small hot pot through three points to become the summer of the year in particular, the explosion of goods. Get more recognition of the market, one rinse roast is the formation of a kind of consumption patterns.

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