BMW sold Roasted Chicken unique wealth of life

now, a lot of people have achieved their own wealth through the entrepreneurial life dream! Today, Xiao Bian will be introduced to you through their unremitting efforts to achieve their own wealth and life dream entrepreneurial story!

this year, do not take improper village cadres, the streets do small business there may be a millionaire. I Zhengzhou street, has a shop selling Roasted Chicken, rely on their own hard work, "Roasted Chicken brother" became "BMW brother". In Zhengzhou Qinling Mountains road and hillock Road intersection, small business owner Guo Lianqun Roasted Chicken shop opened here.

"Roasted Chicken brother" drove just about 1300000 yuan to buy BMW X5, to end up just do a good job at home Roasted Chicken. Silver BMW off-road, from the front, the style is very. But go to the back, open the trunk of the door, inside the two steel drums, several steel plate, is selling Roasted Chicken "props".

"I love the car, love cars. 5 years ago, when the Zhengzhou BMW is not much, I saw a BMW, a hand touched admiringly, the hands of the chicken oil stick to the car, the driver gave me a meal, I am determined to make more money. Not long ago, I earn enough money, the first thing is to buy a BMW X5 luxury SUV, the displacement of 3.8, about 1300000 yuan."


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