Juhuasuan youth entrepreneurship network Carnival will start

business has now become a theme of the times, there are also many different entrepreneurial activities in the society, especially for young people to carry out some business activities, we take a look at.

in the twelfth session of the third National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the formulation of the "Internet plus" action plan. "Cohesion youth" is a Alibaba of Juhuasuan in 2015 with the local government and closely cooperate with one of the focus of a series of projects, this project aims through cooperation with the provincial government, the Communist Youth League, the youth from all walks of life dreams and creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation through the Internet channel, to rewrite the home industry pattern of desire. Juhuasuan will be transformed through its own platform for tens of millions of active users of the strong purchasing power, to give young entrepreneurs a bigger stage to show themselves and their products, and transformed into a good opportunity for actual sales.

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