Xiamen one of the ten most beautiful road has been innovative technology to create ecological

city’s development process is accelerating, some cities in pursuit of development, so the damage to the environment is also very large. In Xiamen, the road had reputation as road. There is a saying that she would love to take her to the road once, there Huaxi, accompanied by the falling flowers. Xiamen as one of the ten most beautiful road, the road has been living in the city, is full of wilderness scenery everywhere. If the road had a picture, then, Xiamen Lu Lu Xing Greening Engineering Construction Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiamen Lu Lu Xing) is the author of this painting.

from design to construction, to the management and maintenance after the completion of the Xiamen Road, Lu Xing full charge, fully display its in road engineering and landscaping "talent", especially the use of slope ecological restoration technology, the paper has integrated with the surrounding natural landscape road.

Wen had road is one of the many boutique Xiamen Lu Xing road. As a green industry leading enterprises, in recent years, Xiamen Lu Lu Xing Island, rooted in the layout of the country. At the same time, it has made great progress in the urban landscape greening. In addition, the company also adhere to the road of scientific and technological enterprise, innovation of technology of ecological restoration, the earth by green luster.

development footprint

Xing in the big step towards national


recently, the reporter arrived at the Jiahe road Xiamen Lu Lu Xing headquarters. In this company, is greeted by bridges, lush garden style office environment, it is good to hear or see.

this style of decoration, reflects the Xiamen Lu Lu Xing for the consistent pursuit of garden art. In Xiamen Lu Lu Xing conference room on the wall, covered with a variety of honor certificate: the four hundred best afforestation advanced units, Fujian province afforestation ten units, Chinese society of landscape garden engineering excellence award…… The honor is the Xiamen Lu Lu Xing growing witness.

Lu Xiamen Lu Xing general manager Chen Jinmei said, Xiamen Lu Lu Xing in Fujian province is one of the first batch of National City Landscaping qualification of the two companies, in more than and 10 years, the company adhere to the "ecological garden, exquisite gardens" ideas, planning to design novel, beautiful and practical, has completed a series of national and provincial city greening projects focused on high quality engineering construction.

Xiamen, Xiamen is the main position of heron Road, hing. From the road to have the same set of road, from State Road 319 to State Road 324, from Xiamen to Xiamen University Xiangan campus Park expo garden landscape engineering, have left the imprint of Lu Xing lu. At present, the custody business of Xiamen Xingcheng bear the heron road has road, Island Road, Jiahe Avenue, success road, Port Road, Xiangan Road, Xiamen Road, Genting key road, a total area of 8 million square metres of custody.


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