What is the most suitable for farmers to start now

China, has always been a large agricultural country, so that farmers are China from ancient to modern times, many, many farmers are also hoping to make a difference in the entrepreneurial journey. But what is best for them?

started when I received food and one of the biggest difficulties is the lack of funds, the hands of a total of only 60 thousand yuan, so I did not dare to close after the grain grain farmers do pressure, what money? Profit go, sometimes a car can make grain 50 dollars! But I give you my word, honest I buy a lot of food and business confidence in me and put their money here with me, let me a lot of food. I have this working capital, in order to receive a large number of grain. And the farmers are willing to sell me, and even some of the following grain traders also send the food to me. For a long time, my company has become the two farmers and their stall holder "transfer station".

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