f only one thousand now how entrepreneurship

now, the choice of a friend or a lot of business, but there are often a lot of people because of the hands of venture capital and distress. You have 50 thousand, 500 thousand, 5 million, entrepreneurship is not necessarily successful. Now there are only one thousand, how entrepreneurship? Look at how they are answered.

veto from Shandong entrepreneur Roman Tam is opposed, not ready to come out to do poineering work is not scientific:

: the entrepreneur must first, repair internal organs, even your own entrepreneurial projects are not, you want to talk about this business, or that you hypocritical, you either strength enough.

Third, 1000 yuan, you in the Internet bubble waiting for someone to answer your questions, if you go to work, make money, capital 10 days into 2000, one month after they become 4000. Understand what I mean?   take advantage of your time has no value or time scale is still very cheap, while the accumulation of original capital, while practicing internal strength.

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