How to improve store popularity retain customers

how to improve store popularity retain customers? Presumably shop entrepreneurs want to know the answer to this question. In fact, the shop did not imagine so difficult, as long as a good product, service will be able to attract customers. Focus on integrity, focus on credibility, there is development prospects. Here is a detailed explanation, if you are doing business, may wish to take a look at.

a, product

how to improve store popularity retain customers? Product is the most important factor in marketing. No product, no market, only high-quality products to gain a foothold in the market. Customers shop purpose is to obtain the use value of the goods, the quality of the goods is better, the use value is higher, the better the service is, the more able to meet consumer demand, customer satisfaction will be higher, this is the basis of cultivating customer loyalty store.

2, heavy credit

how to improve store popularity retain customers? "People do not trustworthy, integrity has become the basic principle of business, the customer is God and let cheating? But in fact, many businesses for the immediate petty profits, regardless of damage to the customer’s promise and then deny in succession, self-esteem, lost their trust, "sesame lost watermelon" shop in front of a deserted house last The loss outweighs the gain., had to put up the shutters. Throughout our business, are good reputation. No credit guarantee, even if you put "loss on sale" of the battle, I’m afraid consumers will not appreciate.

3, service better

how to improve store popularity retain customers? It is no longer a new topic to provide customers with good service, not just to provide products. For example, many shops will think only a high quality clothes sold to consumers Everything will be fine., in fact this is not enough, the store should focus on services rather than products, should be put on how to help customers choose a fitting clothes, on how to recruit some know how to help customers praise and appropriate customer promotion, on how to let customers into the store more comfortable on the pleasure. Only to solve these problems, the store will cultivate a group of loyal customers, a.

no matter what you do business, open what shop, the product is the most important aspect, only the product is good, can stand on the market, win development opportunities. Second, we must do a good job of service, pay attention to integrity, so as to accumulate good reputation in the industry, to win development.

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