How to investigate the franchise stores

if we choose a brand to join, we want to know whether the brand is good, it has a good prospect of cooperation to join, the best way is to investigate its natural store. So, how to investigate the franchise store?

successful franchisee should have a successful franchise. In accordance with the law of the country, to join the company, be sure to have their own stores, which is very important. If not, you don’t have to look at anything. Such companies are not fake, is illegal.

some companies in order to fudge join, deliberately put their own outlets do business seems very fire, in fact, are entrusted. In addition to the store, you have to look at the success of the stores they said. If the franchisee to join the company complained and dissatisfaction, or less than lO stores below, you do not easily join.

has a friend to join a baby supplies store, it was suggested that he went outside the store to see the three day of the child care store business, look at sales. Three days later, he came back and said: "where is the business said that good, one day in twenty people, buy things only 35, even a day rent are not making out, what also a minimum monthly net income of million yuan?"

if we join the brand in the choice, just listen to the franchisee’s side of the story, and then rushed to join, has a very negative effect for the later development of investors will, if you want to choose a reliable joining the company, need to study natural outlets work.

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