From four inequalities to see whether your business is successful

entrepreneurship in the moment is not something new, and a lot of people will be their own = venture, then you feel that their business is not successful? A lot of people in his own business when that product is equal to the success of business success, in fact, private enterprises to truly from product success to sustained business success, there are four aspects need to pay attention to, the following Chinese joined the network Xiaobian summary:

1, the enterprise must have the correct industry decision-making

in opportunistic market conditions, entrepreneurs do not need to think about the industrial strategy, just like someone asked HUAWEI’s president Ren Zhengfei: " HUAWEI then why choose the communications industry? " Ren Zhengfei humorous answer: " because I am ignorant ".

indeed, many Chinese private entrepreneurs in the initial venture, with the entrepreneur’s intuition, does not require the so-called industrial analysis and industrial decision-making. However, once the development of private enterprises, it is necessary to further expand the new profit growth point, to enter new business areas, can not rely on intuition or head, otherwise, the speculative to investment projects, very happy when the vote, not a long time, you will find yourself holding a hand a lot of bad cards do not go out to play.

at this time, enterprises must study and analysis of the industry based on the correct industry decision-making, how to carry out the enterprise must positioning of enterprises in the industry value chain, how to integrate the value chain resources, to achieve internal integration and external expansion.

2, to have a sustainable product and service development system

how many years China many companies rely on a single technology or a single product to acquire the market, without establishing a sustainable product and service development system to continue to win the market competitive advantage, but in the market environment and the changing needs of customers under the situation of the enterprises are often unable to effectively carry out the adjustment and transformation, thus in a very dangerous situation.

if you want to build a product and service for the open system, we must increase R & D investment in products and services, but the reality is that many private entrepreneurs believe that development is very important in the concept of sustainable development, the force of the product and service is also very important, but timid, but you really want to throw money. Reluctant to invest in R & D.

3, to have the core competitiveness, the formation of their core expertise and skills

" " star; enterprises have quickly become the " meteor; " enterprise is the core specialty and technical recommendation has not formed independently owned enterprises, creating a unique value for customers and competitors to imitate in a short period of time

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