How to choose a good brand

business catering, preparatory work to be done, including how to choose the project, how to store location, and how to profit from the cost and the rate of the catering industry to do an account for their own stores, etc., all need to seriously consider the issue of entrepreneurs.

how to choose?

focus on brand life cycle old brand more credible

investment step by step, options are placed in the first place. If it is to join the restaurant chain, we must first look at how the brand influence, as far as possible to choose those mature, influential brands to join. Mature brand follow-up service is more perfect, in order to join the service provider to provide a higher degree of professionalism." Tian Le reminded investors, in choosing to join the brand, we must look at the time of its establishment, business hours, there is no standard detailed operational manual. It is worth noting that, after some received initial fee, what matter, and some more high degree of professional catering institutions, the process standard will even do, how to wash their hands, wash rice, allow the franchisee to operate more easily.

in addition, it is worth noting that the brand can be joined to provide follow-up services! "Is there any new product promotion? Is there a monthly and quarterly evaluation of the service quality and performance of the franchisee? Is there a ranking of products to help franchisees filter products? These follow-up services are in need of prior consultation. If you join the brand to provide a more complete follow-up support, then for the franchisee, you can be less worried about." Tian Le said.

public information, the average life cycle of Chinese catering enterprises for 2.5 to 3 years, the investment recovery period is 8 ~ 18 months, the growth period of 18 to 28 months, and the franchise system needs to establish and perfect the period of 24 months. Although there are some new business has great potential for development, but the choice of old brands more reliable. In addition, the development stage of restaurant chain franchise is also available from the number of stores reflect, general situation is: the stage of exploration shop number is 1 ~ 10, 11 ~ 40 growth stage, this stage is facing the greatest risk; initial maturity stage is 41 ~ 100; fully mature stage in more than 100. The food and beverage industry competition, survive 3 years are very difficult, therefore, in choosing to join the brand, must choose the operation time longer, and the outlets has developed more than 10, so the brand more competitive in the market." Lv Xianpeng, chief executive officer of a certain brand of noodles noodles to remind investors, in contrast, the more mature the development of franchising chain, the lower the risk borne by investors will be lower.

how location?

shop in different locations to point meal service are different

food and beverage industry in particular, based on a large amount of traffic, the general recommendation

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