f you want to be a Zuckerberg start reading

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book we don’t know what to have less time, we can see the importance of reading, Zuckerberg was very fond of reading every two weeks to read a book, then you?

, former Mark · Zuckerberg announced on its Facebook page, every two weeks to 2015 he read a new book, focusing on the study of different culture, religion, history and science and technology. Subsequently, he also set up a A Year of Books page on Facebook, sharing books and reading experience are reading. Mark · Zuckerberg wants to tell others what he is reading at the same time, to attract more users to read and participate in the discussion.

Mark · Zuckerberg said on Facebook, he will be in the A Year of Books page posted that he is reading books, read these books and invite Facebook friends to participate in the discussion, and there will be someone to manage the discussion group, to ensure that no stray.

Mark · Zuckerberg

in the past, every new year will make a challenging decision, and complete the challenge came in Facebook work. This year, he chose to use the social network crowdsourcing way, so many Facebook users to help him decide how to challenge themselves in 2015.

in the last Q& A with Mark someone asked me what I would challenge in 2015, I was the answer is, I hope the Facebook community users can give advice. Mark · Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook. He received a great deal of reply after he sent out his opinion. People put forward many creative suggestions: "for each new user of a tree, the user name for the tree named"; "learn to cook, and only eat their own food; daily or weekly for a student loan……

finally, Mark · Zuckerberg chose one of the most supporters of the challenge – reading, because there are more than more than 60 thousand people suggested that he read. Makezhake · Berg Facebook also announced he will read the first book: Moises · Naeem; the "end of power".

2014 Mark · Zuckerberg was determined to learn Chinese, from the Tsinghua University in October last year, we can see the effect of the Chinese speech. Over the past few years, he had to eat a vegetarian diet, challenge yourself to make an appointment with a day in addition to the company’s staff in addition to recommend

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