5000 yuan entrepreneurship can do 2 small business opportunities for you to earn


5000 element can start, does not feel unbelievable? However, as long as we can choose to good business opportunities, such entrepreneurship is equally feasible. So, 5000 yuan venture can do? Xiaobian to introduce you to 2 small business opportunities, so you can easily earn.

A: home rental service

5000 yuan entrepreneurship can do? Because now people’s living standard improved, amateur pastime is omnipresent, here is the home rental DVD and books. Only a backpack every day, print some leaflets into some DVDs and books can be opened. Specific operations can be improved, the average daily conservative estimate can earn about 50, the book on the month of the magazine or the recent best-selling book, do not engage in complex.

5000 yuan entrepreneurship can do? Although there are rental shops, but now people busy so that they don’t have time to go too much, I often at home to see boring movie but don’t want to rent the store when, if someone sent home if I will rent, even if the original did not intend to see friends can rent.

the total amount of investment in (less than 2000) for the general do not have much money to make a friend of the original accumulation.

two: Commodity Agent

of course, here is not what brand agent, after all, not the cost. But you can do it, you can become a business. 5000 yuan entrepreneurship can do? The first thing you need to do is to find a suitable brand, but do not look for brand-name, you can not afford. Can find manufacturers is the best, if not, then to the wholesale market.

for example, shampoo to say. You look for a wholesale place to find an unknown product, but do not look for special water useless things Oh, probably in the wholesale price of 3 – 5 yuan between products. Rent a room to do the Office (not store Oh, very expensive), and then you can go to the business registration of a business name you can do the boss (registration is very cheap Oh).

but to find one or two direct sales can also be friends, he can guide the new employees, you can send the advertisement recruit salespeople or sales, do not charge what the deposit like. First of all, you have to trust others. Recruitment of new employees you can ask him to study with the old direct marketing for two days, and then shipped to them alone.

specific operation is: 5000 yuan can do poineering work? If you are using 3 into the goods, then you can use the price of $5 to your direct sales staff, do not limit his retail price (a lot of direct sales can sell more than 5 of the stuff to more than 30), every night to the company collection >

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