Entrepreneurship can not rely on their own judgment

when a lot of people to start, love only rely on their own judgment, if the project is excellent, then, while another project feel is not ideal, will not participate in. In fact, entrepreneurship is a cautious action, absolutely can not rely on their own judgment!

he also printed a name card to the SIEMENS building distributed at the beginning of the effect can also be, but later because of this operation will be left to the new clerk, and people have never learned how to do. Now, Yang Dahua still did not turn off the shop because he felt that the region will be prosperous in the future, he waited for the shopping district became lively.

– what is the former entrepreneurs did not expect problems? The convenience store is a difficult business, although the monthly water revenue, but early to buy goods, inventory cost entrepreneurs occupy liquidity.

– why away from it? Some people will bring their own convenience to go to work! Such a small problem may make the whole business plan into a blur.

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