The Yellow Emperor Huang joined the project how to enable

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want to know the Yellow Emperor Huang high catering franchise brand, has joined the entrepreneurs to see is how to say it. Investors have said: the Yellow Emperor Huang joined the restaurant has been for some time, before joining to the Huang Dihuang headquarters visited, but simply visit. Huang Huang? The Yellow Emperor Huang recently near the New Year celebrations, they invite excellent business representatives to participate in the annual meeting, I have the honor to participate in, to really see the Yellow Emperor Huang headquarters, also really feel Huang Dihuang’s corporate culture.

has just arrived at the door of the company, we received a warm reception. The receptionist handed us a tour card and drinking water. Then we follow the guide to enter visit channel, we started our journey to the Yellow Emperor Huang headquarters. The first stop is the wall of honor browsing, we first came to the Yellow Emperor and the wall of honor, presented here since the establishment of the company in all aspects of the honor, the wall records of the Yellow Emperor Huang grow, let all people feel proud.

second station is the product display, display here and the Yellow Emperor’s classic products, these products are known to the public, the Yellow Emperor Huang is also proud of what. The third station is the new display channel, here is the Yellow Emperor Huang is currently the main promotion products, to meet the market demand by innovative taste. On the promotion of the current situation, the new listing of good results. Also has a certain market share. Some stores with good results have begun to try to promote new products, income is also good.

the last project is to attend the annual meeting. The annual meeting of the scene shows brilliant, showing the Yellow Emperor Huang have positive working attitude, steadfast rigorous style of work, the working principle of the customer is responsible for the. The participants felt the Yellow Emperor Huang for customer attention, also felt the emperor and considerate of humanity, customer-oriented corporate culture.


above is the Yellow Emperor Huang enable the brand introduced, that do not understand the brand catering people read the above description of the brand also has a general understanding of the brand, if you what other issues need to know please give us a message on our website below. We will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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