How much is the grain bread how to join cost square

now the people living in the best health products is nothing more than the grain, because there is some common diseases of affluence, just to meet consumer demand for cereals. The "grain " and the role of records, the earliest can be traced back to the" Analects of Confucius ", for thousands of years, grain has been a staple of Chinese, also the driving force of the Chinese nation, the Chinese say " natural things, ", all kinds of thick grain alone; grain diet is a healthy recipe to keep the body!" Huangdi Neijing · both plain questions ": " grain to raise, " " the smell of joint and service, in order to supplement Qi jing. " record. Now people attach great importance to health, so the future market prospects. The following Xiaobian recommended is a specialized food grain stores – steamed grain Fang


square to join the cost of grain bread

in the area of 15 square meters, to 38 thousand and 800 yuan in total cost, including equipment costs and training costs, personnel allocation in 2-3; the grain bread real flagship store to join: in the area of 15 square meters, to 49 thousand and 800 yuan in total cost, including equipment fees, training fees, drinks, personnel in 4-5.


square steamed grain

1, through the official website for details

2, to visit the headquarters site

3, fill in the application form

4, headquarters audit

5, pay fee

6, headquarters unified organization training

7, unified decoration

8, shop business

more than just on the simple introduction of steamed grain Fang, if you want to know more, or join the idea on our website please leave a comment below consultation.

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