How to open a home honey shop

open Honey Shop, as long as you find a good source of supply, with the customer’s group, the operation is very simple, and low investment costs, will become more prosperous. Moreover, the opening of the honey shop is not only recently, in fact, has always been the presence of honey stores, but now we are not aware of the little added pure natural honey products. When people pay more and more attention to health at the same time, the honey shop business is getting better and better, open the honey shop has become a very good shop project.

human beekeeping has a long history, as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty is documented. "Shenlong Materia Medica", "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the bee products as a medicine, the value of bee products in recent years has been gradually recognized, the world recognized the therapeutic effect of propolis on the "three high", drug treatment of the male prostate inside pollen composition.

now, people have become increasingly aware of the importance of health, bee products are natural and affordable health care products. China is the bee product export country, people grow with each passing day on bee products demand, but the market is flooded with fake honey, everyone on the quality of honey has a very deep doubt, and open a professional honey stores, will become a good entrepreneurial project.

do bee product threshold is not very high, looking for a history and reputation of the Brand Company to join, the risk is relatively small. Moreover, this product is everyone customers, large consumer groups.

honey store location:

based on densely populated communities or commercial outlets within the District, close to the residents living.

sales innovation:


The unified

health care consumption and fashion consumption, health is the first, but in product innovation, the development of different consumer tastes the product, such as sugar free, low-fat diet type, type, type, type and other health care of children of different nutritional needs. At the same time, to meet in the fashion life, for example: the family launched the "family portrait" honey, for women launched "beauty" honey, honey "lose weight", for the new launch of the "wedding" honey, launched the "health" for gifts of honey etc..

products reflect freshness, green, visible, can be done in the preservation of a lot of articles.

all the community life, bee products store as part of a community health diet, to participate in the community management, such as the establishment of love box, charity help, health classes, community children’s science, practical DIY.

sales experience:

opened in the community of honey shops, mainly rely on a certain amount of repeat customers.

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