nner Mongolia build a youth employment service system to promote comprehensive management

the current Chinese young people with a high degree of desire for entrepreneurship, hoping to start the development of entrepreneurial economy, the achievement of personal dreams. In order to help young entrepreneurs, to promote China’s economic development, the Inner Mongolia region of young entrepreneurs have given a high degree of concern and support.

"Inner Mongolia will create employment and entrepreneurship training to attract young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship competition show that one of the four youth entrepreneurship Incubator Cluster style, entrepreneurial team, venture investment and financing support entrepreneurial projects landing the youth employment service system, to promote the autonomous region youth employment and entrepreneurship." Evergreen autonomous region Youth League secretary in January 29th seven session of the seventeen Communist Youth League of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (enlarged) conference.

evergreen, Inner Mongolia will mobilize and guide young people to participate in the challenge cup, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship competition action, promote youth innovation power; to foster youth science and technology innovation community, set up a studio, a Youth Innovation Space online platform, the construction of Youth Science and technology innovation teacher team, promote youth hit off the exchange of learning and innovation dream. At the same time, the development of youth entrepreneurship education courses, the establishment of tutor team to solve the problem of entrepreneurship education and practice disjointed.

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