Five industries are not vulnerable to the impact of the nternet

electricity supplier in recent years, especially the rapid development of the real economy seems to be increasingly weak, many entrepreneurs have a physical entrepreneurial hopeless idea, really is it? Actually, there are five industries are not easily affected by the Internet, to understand it.


glasses market

glasses industry profiteering is a well-known secret in the industry. Internal uneven in quality of glasses industry, there is a saying: 20 yuan, 200 yuan to sell glasses, you speak out, 300 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, 400 yuan sold to you about the market. There is the most basic commodity glasses frames, lenses, contact lenses and eye drops four categories. According to industry insiders broke the news, from all types of products in the gross profit margin and its proportion of the total sales in the glasses shop projections, the average gross profit margin of the glasses store as much as 5 times!!

therefore, we recommend glasses shop every year, next year is no exception. In addition, this traditional entity has always been profitable projects with its easy operation, high profit, sustainable development features attract thousands of entrepreneurs. Under the popularity of electronic products, although the glasses shop more and more, but it is difficult to reach the level of market saturation, there are still many gaps in the market, such as two city, county town, new district and many have no glasses store occupancy.

We should


with the League of legends, storm Heroes game of the popular network, new Internet cafes with irresistible force to penetrate into the tide of entrepreneurship, open 2 times of transition. Shrewd businessmen to dig out many huge business opportunities, therefore, a cafe in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and other dozens of large and medium-sized city and is to blossom everywhere, to the county town, the town is rapidly expanding, so far, Internet cafes have become a new urban landscape.

The birth of

Internet cafes fun personality is the eternal theme, such as the style of decoration, to provide free coffee drinks etc.. The reason, the main service object is one of 90 young people, or master computer game enthusiasts. They need to visit the Internet cafes for various reasons. If one has excellent hardware equipment, can provide fast Internet service, so that those who have access to the Internet in the home, you may also visit Internet cafes. Furthermore, shrewd businessmen look for 90 is a generation of people born rich, has given them their parents create a good material basis, their attitude towards life, more important is the personality of the release, and a variety of colors of life.

but in the investment before the start, as far as possible, around the school district, located in the nearby residential area, then the need for prospective classification of customer property, want to have fixed customers, or the flow of customers, customers will be higher single flow normally, fixed customers lower single. Solid.

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