How about a farmhouse

used to live in the city of the edifice, suddenly want to experience some of the red brick countryside used to eat the food; the city, suddenly want a breakfast; used to see all kinds of modern facilities, suddenly want to meet rural bridges…… So, the farmhouse is happy. For this reason, many investors want to open a farmhouse. So, how about a farmhouse? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

5 15, the reporter from the National Tourism Administration released data show that in 2014, the national rural tourism reception of 1 billion 200 million people, accounting for the total domestic tourism reception of 1/3, self driving travel ratio of more than 70%. The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Bureau, in 2014 the province’s rural tourism tourists 115 million 745 thousand passengers, an increase of 25.2% over the same period last year, tourism revenue of $12 billion 640 million, an increase of 28.3% over the same period last year. Although rural tourism investment fiery, but investment and construction can not meet the needs of camping and tourism.

office workers resigned from the farmhouse, earn 200 thousand

a year

, the reporter saw in Xi’an Changan District, Huxian Ring Road near the meridian street, farmhouse, many tourists leisurely playing cards, chatting, eating, fishing. Rural tourism so many people see the investment opportunities, Wang Yunfeng is one of them, at present, he is a person in charge of a fishing park.

Wang Yunfeng home in Xi’an, Changan District. After graduating from college to work, but feel too low income resigned. The school often listen to the teacher who went to the steamed delicious, no place to sit. Feel good business, there is a business plan." He said.

2006 years, when the policy to encourage the development of farmhouse, we went to Sichuan to visit the farmhouse, after coming back, with his family to do a consultation, to find a place to build a house, it opened up." Wang Yunfeng said that the first farmhouse is mainly the concept of a new group of people. From the beginning of the first batch of guests, Wang Yunfeng family began to operate farmhouse, business slowly get better. In 2007, the leisure industry was first written into the government work report. The increase in the number of rural tourists increased the income of local villagers. "Our family is getting better and better. Business is relatively good farmhouse, a family can earn 200 thousand a year." Wang Yunfeng said.

Shaanxi has developed a professional village leisure farmers 270 households operating more than 1.3 households

tourists Mr. Yuan said, he recently invited colleagues almost every week to go into a mountain.

National Tourism Administration data show that in 2014 the number of national rural tourism reception 1 billion 200 million passengers, accounting for the total domestic tourism reception 1/3. With the rapid popularity of self driving tourism, the proportion of Chinese tourists traveling by car travel more than 70%. Wu, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration

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