After 80 couples open overnight powder Museum venture success

now 80 is the main force of entrepreneurs in the number of 80, the early realization of the fierce competition of their own business plans, business market, catering business market is more popular with the huge pressure on the business of 80 couples, small business entrepreneurship, gratifying achievements.

"to take my brother powder, plus a bowl of flour, dry oil." 25 am, a museum in Nanchong City People’s road powder is still brightly lit, diners to eat meal in a continuous line. This is a night powder Museum, the boss is the 80 after the couple Huang Shaohao and Lin wei. Since the couple enthusiastic, talkative, and many diners have become good friends, we are accustomed to call them, kind brother sister-in-law powder powder.

Rice noodles tasted Nanchong

done vegetable wholesale sales, auto parts, clothing brand agency…… Husband and wife two people together to explore the road of entrepreneurship, but only engage in vegetable wholesale that year, earned $one hundred thousand." Huang Shaohao said, remember the time, they are also everyday to purchase goods, very hard. Later, relatives suggested that the partnership to open powder Museum, they have been discussed, decided to try.

to create Rice noodles chain road

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