Panyu District won the Guangzhou Municipal Science and technology building bridge base business mod

entrepreneurial base model birth, to the majority of entrepreneurs with a new powerful helper. Guangzhou bridge science and technology building was named Guangzhou entrepreneurial employment (incubation) demonstration base, will provide high-quality service for the community to create customers.

(business incubation) base is the carrier of entrepreneurship with rolling micro and small enterprise incubator function. In the future, the City Bridge Street will encourage more social forces especially college students’ entrepreneurship, provide premises and preferential policies to support entrepreneurship (by incubation) base to provide low rent, low rates of entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial support services for entrepreneurs to provide a series of services for entrepreneurial teams and individuals settled, to further promote entrepreneurship. Promote employment.

for entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects lack of their own strength, seek business incubator support is very necessary. Professional support will accelerate the transformation of the profitability of venture capital projects to achieve entrepreneurial social goals.

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