Why in the above defective eggs

if there is a frame to buy eggs experience people should know, if there is defective eggs will be placed on the following, as is good. However, good-looking is good-looking, often cause greater losses. Below, let Xiaobian take you know a defective egg in the above case, see why this honest man to do so.

shop operations, often with door-to-door sales of goods to deal with people. One day in June last year, the store came to a middle-aged man selling eggs. His dress is simple, dark face, a look that is an honest farmer. I thought, just store eggs sold out as soon as possible, as long as the price is right, buy a few baskets also line. A car on the egg, I can not help but frowned: "how each egg has a few seconds above the basket of eggs?"

face my question, the middle-aged man Han Han smile: "boss, I put the defective eggs on the top, it is for your sake. You see, the defective thin egg skin soft, if put them under pressure, not broken, it will be strange. Moreover, if a crushed egg, flow everywhere, and the basket is more than just a bad egg. I put the defective eggs in it, although at first glance uncomfortable, but other good egg will not suffer."

listen to him such an explanation, I think it is also reasonable, but still a little puzzled: "why do you want to put the eggs into the basket?" "I tell you the truth, this is not the way." The middle-aged man some helpless, "now do egg business profit is very thin, if you do not put these eggs per share several baskets of defective sell, I lose money white work."

Although the number of

in a basket of defective eggs is not much, but if you accidentally crushed, will undoubtedly affect the whole egg box business. I used to buy a basket of egg, the egg is not defective, but because some crushed below, affecting a lot of good egg, a greater loss. The middle-aged man’s frank, I make a good impression on him. Since then, I have established a stable relationship with him, not for anything else, just because he is honest, this is my most valued.

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