What are the problems facing a psychological clinic

because we are now living environment is more and more complex, resulting in a lot of people have psychological problems. For this reason, investors will want to open a psychological clinic. However, it is not easy to open a psychological clinic, but also need to solve many problems.

needs to stimulate the market, through the psychological clinic to alleviate the psychological pressure brought about by sub-health, has become the choice of many people in the metropolis. Is it feasible to run a mental clinic?

registration closed sill difficult step

is difficult to directly registered as a psychological clinic, generally only registered as a consulting firm.

although the psychological clinic has been known, it is not easy to start a family. It is understood that, in accordance with national policy is difficult to directly registered as a psychological clinic, generally registered as a consulting firm. A psychological counseling center requires the registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, an area of 200 square meters, the national accreditation counselors 10. In fact, the number of many psychological clinics did not reach 10 counselors, only two or three people were very common.

, according to informed sources, direct registration and not a "mental clinic" is, according to the provisions of the state to set up a psychological counseling center in addition to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of registered capital, business area, counselors requirements, must be issued by the Bureau of health certification, but at present there is no corresponding health bureau relevant departments of certification this makes the policy, and the actual operation does not match. Therefore, a lot of psychological clinics are in the name of consulting companies appear.

Beijing Dongming times international consulting firm chief emotional and behavioral management consultant Zhao Shao introduced, the current psychological clinic is divided into three categories: one is the current mainstream mental hospital outpatient (third senior hospital have) this kind of psychological treatment, drug therapy is commonly used by the medical model, office staff is a doctor; the second category is the Institute of psychology mainly, some universities, theoretical, office staff to the teacher; the third category is mainly in the psychological consultation institutions run by social workers, mainly full-time and part-time counselors.

for the three class of agency fees, hospital outpatient charges in the general minimum 20 yuan / half an hour or 30 yuan / hour, special outpatient maximum fee 60~300 yuan / hour; research institutes or schools of psychological clinics are free and open society; psychological clinic charges in the 100~500 yuan / day (50 for 1 minutes, day) is now generally 300 yuan / day.

training qualified consultants face test

training, after the examination can obtain the counselors qualification >

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