Training in the management of personal image praised

people are now more and more attention to their own image, because of this, there will be investors want to engage in personal image management related career. However, if you do not have this experience, it is necessary to take over the relevant training. Therefore, personal image management training opportunities will come out. However, such an opportunity, although better, business is not good to do.

case: personal image management training, including the basic theory of guidance (the basic law of personal image dress up), practical training, entrepreneurial guidance in three parts. In early 2008, in order to join the form of investment into the market, by the attention of all walks of life, a year of rapid fire throughout the country.

major brands to join the threshold are relatively low, in the absence of scientific research, promotion costs low threshold to join the conditions, some of the brand’s franchise fees are around 50 thousand yuan. In 2009, Beijing emerged in the personal image training institutions amounted to more than 100, but according to industry sources, more than 70% stores have not by training profit, mostly to the other sideline to maintain operations.

comment: according to the authoritative department survey, 76% of consumers expressed interest in training in the management of personal image, of which 82% are looking for jobs or unemployed college graduates. However, in which it is willing to spend less than a few hundred dollars a thousand people only 11.8%. They generally believe that the so-called promotion of personal image without the need for professional training.

although people are very focused on their image, but it does not mean that more people are willing to spend the money but to take care of their image. Because of this, a personal image management training opportunities will appear that the current praised the phenomenon.

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