9 women China financial circle should not be overlooked

Chinese in the traditional impression that women should be at home xiangfujiaozi, as the saying goes, "Germany is the only woman", but in today’s women, not only into the kitchen, but also out of the hall, even in the workplace but also compete with men. Today Xiaobian for everyone to take inventory of China’s financial circles to stir up the 9 great women.

became the other half brother Tian Pujun, well-known actor, often playing sexy role in Hong Kong films, but has been tepid.

2012 in October, the net exposure of the real estate tycoon Wang Shi divorce, and new love is Tian Pujun. Since then, Tian Pujun jumped on the media front page.

and it is said that Tian Pujun and Wang Shi met in the school, the school has a fire. Recently, Tian Pujun Wang Shi was mad up again the red one, Wang Shi forced thousands of miles away from micro-blog, force breaking breakup rumors.

around " businessman Wu " guess rapidly. Someone even the Chairman Wu A shares of Listed Companies in the list, and called " Xing Sheng " stocks;.

These include

" investment bank;

Heavy news

Wangqin — the story of the heroine


2011 in May 16th, CDH record >

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