Analysis on market positioning of dry cleaning franchise

today’s dry cleaning industry is optimistic about the public investment, which contains a huge business opportunities and space to attract more and more investors to join the profit. Indeed, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, people with high quality clothing is often the first thought is dry cleaning, so the investment of such a project is a good choice. But want to really open a dry cleaning shop to make money, but also have to do a good job market positioning.

dry cleaners market positioning, market segmentation: 1 to investigate the market segments of consumer customers, looking for gaps in the market; in the residential area should be in a tight place, with strong competitiveness of the chain store 200 meters away; and in the residential area of relatively scattered areas, should be in the strong competitive chains of 500 meters outside.

dry cleaning franchise market positioning 2, chain positioning: should avoid blindly follow the trend, should be in full accordance with the objective needs of the market decision.

dry cleaning franchise market positioning 3, the market functional areas: customer analysis of the industrial structure, full consideration of consumer habits, that is, how they pay attention to the clothes, how the concept of life.

dry cleaners market positioning, price positioning: 4 preliminary economic trend analysis, comparative analysis of the surrounding trade price, in concert is based on uniform price floating around (not more than 50%).

dry cleaning franchise market positioning 5, marketing strategy positioning: selected marketing methods, advertising strategy analysis.

dry cleaning franchise market positioning 6, epitaxial product positioning: the image of the chain, the development of property management.

7, the chain of scale positioning: analysis of demand ability, in line with the strength of the enterprise, the goal is not to blindly expand the principle of reasonable. Salon: index analysis (including GDP, per capita GDP, per capita retail, average household savings, the proportion of non-agricultural wages, etc.) by the franchisee stores located in the city area, according to the market survey analysis by salon, salon headquarters. An index above 160, two level index in 130 – 160 (including 160), the three level index in 100 – 130 (including 130), the four level index in 70 – 100 (including 100), five level index 50 – 70 (70), six level index 40 – 50 (not 50) and grade seven index 30 – 40 (including 40), eight level index 20 – 30 (including 20), nine level index 10 – 20 (including 10), ten (0 – 10 grade index large shop investment index in more than five. Medium store investment index should be above eight. Small shop investment index should be above nine

In fact,

is not only for the opening of the dry cleaning franchise investment operators, for other industries to invest in

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