How to open a micro shop marketing

want to micro shop business is good, in the current big market of entrepreneurship, marketing work will be extremely important, however, how to correct marketing, but it has become a lot of shopkeepers are difficult problems. So, how to open a micro shop marketing? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

if you can’t accumulate real fans, then advise you to give up WeChat from the start. When you have the original fans accumulated, your content began to play a great role. Push content must be subject, strategic, must be a systematic push. Only the effective content corresponds to the real audience, can recover the corresponding feedback. Is the man under the dish standard content marketing strategy, provide their topics of interest for your fans, they are involved in the interaction, is probably the beginning of a process to please fans.

1. content marketing

content marketing model is mainly through the quality of the content to attract accurate customers and potential customers, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. For example, the famous American group purchase website Groupon combined with Gap (gaipu, one of the largest apparel companies in the United States) for the first time in the 85 city launched a "back to school" national group purchase promotional activities.

to the National Group buy Promotional activities, for example, from the following aspects to talk about the contents of several major marketing features.

(1) content value: customers only need to spend $25 to buy half the value of 50 yuan coupons, in the United States and Canada, any GAP retail store to buy products can enjoy a special discount of $50 less than $25.

(2): the effect of marketing activities and soon attracted enthusiastic response, the first day sold 441 thousand coupons, a record high of $11 million in revenue, the peak per second could be sold 10 coupons, one hour sold more than 30 thousand copies, regardless of speed or total sales were set a station since the highest sales record.

(3): in addition to the communication channels as in the past to provide users with a very competitive price discount, launched the first national group purchase Groupon this play out many new tricks, the successful implementation of integrated marketing communication, so that it not only is a coupon promotion initiatives to boost sales, or a nationwide, online under the combination of promotional activities, a full use of social network marketing Twitter and Facebook user resources.

2. interactive marketing, keep your customers

business in the process of WeChat marketing, interaction with the user is very important, whether it is for large brands or small brands, we must do a good job of content, through WeChat or its >

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