New business opportunities in the cabinet industry transformation by three integration

with the development of the economy, the cabinet industry also has a new change, the market continues to shuffle, but also to a lot of cabinet business owners scratching their heads. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, big home in the cabinet industry in recent years has raised a lot of nouns, is expected to lead the cabinet enterprises to a new level. In this process, the cabinet enterprise development mode towards integration, information integration, "three in one" has become a trend, or for the cabinet industry to escort the development of large Home Furnishing era.

has now integrated in various fields has become more and more obvious: from the production side, with timber into a "whole wood Home Furnishing integrated". To become "kitchen cabinet for integrated kitchen". The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, so that each brand are hoping to get more cake, so the "integration" makes a single performance by individual to become Home Furnishing multi arms "soldier assault". Such fierce competition in the market, urging the integration of the development of cabinet enterprises. This integration trend, it will only become more and more fierce. Now, for the cabinet enterprise, either you or your active integration, being passive integration.

integration software service.

if integrated, is a collection of hardware products, tangible products. Then the integration, it is derived from the service, construction, quality, reputation, experience consistency. If the customer feel good quality, good service, will also have a trust in the brand and make this trust is passed. This is the reason why millet can do, watch, mobile phone, TV box. This depends on the content, service, reputation, experience cross-border, in the cabinet industry can be said to have just begun.

platform support, information

cabinet products from a single to multiple, from individual services into standard, what to rely on to maintain two fist management? Insiders pointed out that in today’s electricity supplier, flying O2O, Internet thinking concept, can only rely on information. But at this stage, the electricity supplier is a powerful addition to the sales channel, the essence of O2O is the optimal combination of resources online and offline. At present, is in the transition period, a variety of voices endless. Only to speed up the "information technology": the development of information design software, promote the production of intelligent equipment, strengthen the channel management information standards. For the "big home" to build a strong platform support.

the cabinet industry profits, a lot of friends are optimistic about the industry, in the face of the new cabinet industry reshuffle, the enterprise bosses are in want. At present, China’s cabinet enterprises are still in the beginning, there are many challenges, but if the cabinet companies want to go home big road, three of the cabinet will be a strong guarantee. Cabinet enterprises when the use of three in one, the successful transformation of the future market.


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