Listen to the middle aged entrepreneurs describe their shop experience

contemporary people love to eat healthy delicacy, for color and attractive color surface favored a plus, the middle-aged business friends saw the project, plans to open a noodle color, now take a look at his share of the venture’s readme.

and noodles very face Shao, some people love noodles, people love noodles, but generally speaking, all love taste fresh, full face Shaoxing seasoning. I do not have a Shaoxing, do a lot of meat, meat generally have prior halogen, another oil Shaoxing, the taste is very special; meat dishes I have chosen is very fresh, not overcooked, or no fresh vegetables taste. The best day to sell face Shaoxing fried, too long, meat is not crisp, the color of the dish is ugly. If this is the first time to eat the guests, I would recommend them to eat noodles, because I have the bone soup is very delicious, eat the guests first color, slippery noodles, soup is very moist, it is easy to come to eat.

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