Underwear store decoration tips to keep in mind

underwear market investment potential in the continuous improvement of contemporary women’s underwear requirements are increasing, so the opening of the underwear stores are also sloppy, decoration should pay attention to. Now and Xiaobian look at the decoration need to pay attention to what it!


each store must have a cashier, as well as in the underwear chain to join in. The cashier has more than money, but also a publicity function, therefore, the underwear chain joined the decoration should pay attention to the cashier. Underwear joined the chain how to decorate? The cashier put it down to the size of the cash register and brochures, position in the logo in front of the wall, and also to the door.


in the clothing store, the fitting room is very important, the chain store is underwear apparel industry, providing a place for people to try, can greatly enhance the probability of profit. Some underwear franchise stores without providing a fitting room, the customer can not determine the clothes fit, so I walked away, so no room underwear joined the chain just to get rid of a lot of customers. Therefore, in the underwear chain joined the decoration, the fitting room should have, but also some eye-catching.


franchise in underwear decoration, color to maintain unity, let people see the elegant, harmonious, fashion shop decoration, with a comfortable shopping atmosphere, nature will lead to increase the turnover of the store shopping. How to decorate the underwear franchise? In tone to pay attention to, can also play some melodious music, so, to bring customers a good mood, for a longer period of time, the turnover rate is higher.


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