Want to open a shop also need a good name

since opening a shop, who do not want to make their own business to achieve real business? However, the shop business is hot, nature also need to have a good name. The shop name has great knowledge, not only to combine the sound form and meaning, with more attention should be paid to the hexagrams, mathematical.

a good shop name, bring you money. At the same time, from the name of the shop can reflect the quality of the owner and business mind. The name of the goods, shops, elegant, often because of the added value of the psychological value of the effect of the proliferation of natural resources. On the contrary, once the store, the name of the commodity into the vulgar, it is difficult to imagine the consequences of.

if you think your own store is small, so the name of little importance, a simple name, casually released, it would be condescended.

reason is simple! Even a small store, do not give up on themselves. You often see on TV advertising some products a year tens of millions of dollars. Direct Lenovo is the size of the company, a filthy rich, powerful. Actually not necessarily. Some companies are very small, they know how to create a momentum for their open up financial resources. There is a multinational tie brand, the annual amount of advertising is amazing, but the scale was too small to be able to believe in the origin. A brand of chewing gum and lock up young love couple, its advertising in large quantity, but the company clerk even the boss added up to six, this isn’t surprising?

so, it is best to have the name of "world view" concept, to around the world, Business Flourishes tongsihai, rich resources of Sanjiang!

mentions the name of the store in the world, which is really diverse, in general, can be divided into the following categories:

1, no type: some businessmen dare to take the popular train, like the light of popular brands. The drift, in three hundred and sixty-five rows. "Psychological is not bad, but this is no personality, name is easy to drown in the sea of Wang Yang signs.

2, humor type: perhaps the master hope you relax, so humor naming occurs. As there is a bubble Black Tea shop name is "not clear".

3, worship: "knowledge from afar", named so many shops, companies tend to. Such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, such as literal translation or free translation. The foreign brands, but there are a lot of fake foreign devils, there are many attempts to enhance their status in the name of the ocean, with clothing, food industry up to.

4, by name: the name of the name of the biggest advantage of the store is – good record, high style. If in a book or in place

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