Winter stores should beware of counterfeit money and

although the four seasons of the year, lawless elements will have action. But relatively speaking, the time is different, the frequency of these violations will be different. And winter is those criminals and the use of counterfeit cigarettes. The peak, we as the owner must be vigilant, should pay special attention to the special behavior of some customers.

there are a lot of criminals come to buy cigarettes or other commodities have a common characteristic, he first gave us $one hundred bills, when you give him the money he said he had the change, the $one hundred he will ask you to come to see you in front of the money, took some change, for a long time let you see change enough to pay the money and goods, took out one hundred yuan of money from his pocket to pay, then you must pay attention to re identify what comes out after the one hundred yuan of the true and false.

a lot of people are optimistic about the front due to neglect to see the back of this piece of money, go directly to the people for money, and take a look at this one back to the counterfeit money, regret is finished. This is the criminals with the switch to the front, it is money, we carefully identified, he must go back and quickly enough to change from one pocket and pulled out a piece of counterfeit money. In my pocket money. Will blind our eyes, let us think he took the money in front of us to see that one is reached to cheat.

There is a

up to two or three people to buy things, one to two good smoke to smoke, people do not pay nosese, another worry to other commodities, trying to hold you, in your implementation of another cigarette switch to take something, you give the man with good stuff. The front person smoke is to say not enough money or other reasons not to buy the two cigarettes.

at this time, many of our owner will directly put into cigarette smoke in the cabinet, then lead to a false cigarette smoke appeared the ark, resembles a mouth. In this case, we must not leave the cigarette on the counter or the cigarette on the back of the shelf to another customer to take goods. As long as we keep an eye on it, the lawless elements will not be able to start to avoid unnecessary losses.

is now very rampant criminals, a careless owner who is likely to be deceived, and cause greater economic losses. So, if you want to let the stores do not appear what flaws, and gain more, need careful treatment, may be more than one eye, makes the store more profitable.

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