Dazhou introduced twenty measures to promote entrepreneurship

actually need some good social security measures, recently in Sichuan city of Dazhou on the introduction of the "twenty measures" to help and promote the development of local business activities, but also by the local society many entrepreneurs welcome.


"measures": decentralization of registration authority. In accordance with the "convenient" principle, where entrepreneurs in our city for registration of the company, partnership and sole proprietorship enterprises, enterprises can be in the local county (city, district) Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration (except the provisions of laws and administrative regulations must be made by the districts of the city and above the registration authority to register).

relaxation of enterprise name restrictions. The registered capital of Dazhou city to cancel the crown enterprise name restrictions; support for science and technology innovative enterprises reflect the characteristics of the industry, allowing the company name 1 years after registration, there are special reasons you can apply for registration; advance approval of enterprise name, in the period of retention, allowing it to develop according to their own needs to apply for adjustment of the registration authority; individual industrial and commercial households and upgrading of enterprises, sole proprietorship and partnership enterprises restructuring for the company, in principle to retain the original name.

premises to relax restrictions. Allow the establishment of market players outside the residence premises, business premises and residence in the same county (city, district) within the jurisdiction, can apply for business premises for the record; allow according to a multi site, can be registered at the same address for two or more market players domicile (place of business).

simplified registration procedures, convenient enterprise registration


"measures" to deepen the commercial registration system recommended

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