College students build the skipping net venture onto the road

for many college students, if there is no escape class, probably teased, even if there is no clear thing, many people also love playing truant. For this, we are not unfamiliar, there is a saying, did not escape the class of the university is not complete. This phenomenon in the university has also become people’s eyes skipping opportunities, network connection establishment.


speaking website creators, turned out to be a University of Anhui three sophomore. These 90 children, claiming to be the founder of the site is entirely out of curiosity. A sociology expert said that this behavior may impede the normal teaching order. But some experts said, also has its positive significance appear truancy network.

online "escape" is really a lot of

open classes, interface with some similar "93% of the students from class, is run off, not absenteeism, truancy to join the network, feel fresh and interesting college life!" a website from Xuan "lines" is very eye-catching, but also inserted a small pig to monkey advertising, "skipping network, let you become the 72 Oh!" is being carried out a lot of activities, "# for class action #", "# Le # fled for guest"…… Even played "and alumni together to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, we have a chance to win a romantic couples.".

just browse the website, the reporter found that the concern of the vast majority of people are college students, in the post area has numerous kinds of messages, most of which is the requirements of substitute information posted. "In September 11th, who is free to change the class with me? I can he (she) after any need to substitute the time substitute, urgent……" ", who wants to go to the Chinese traditional music class, asks for the class!" on Sunday who does not go home, asks everybody to help me to have a class, really anxious. Here are some substitute clearance success stick, like this, XXX, today to call, but very calm, ha ha……"

in most published information substitute, do not involve money, are generally posted for substitute students, after each other when needed to help each other in class, in order to reach agreement. But there is also a price tag, requires a fee, "professional substitute, answer to solve the menace from the rear 5 yuan a class."

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