ntelligent street lamp debut Beijing street features a collection of seven

21 century is an era of rapid development, which has attracted much attention of intelligent products, began to affect people’s lives. The day before, the streets of Beijing began to appear a lot of "intelligent street lamp", not only to the people who travel to bring the convenience, but also demonstrates the new city landscape, remarkable!


new set lighting, air monitoring, micro base station, WiFi equipment, video monitoring, information dissemination, electric vehicle charging and other functions in one of the "intelligent street lamp" appeared in the streets of Beijing today.

the first batch of 20 smart lamp debut today left anmen street. Reporters on the scene saw the compound pole top is a WIFI signal transceiver, down lighting lamps, according to the traffic flow and special weather and adjust the light intensity; then down for monitoring probe, electronic display and environmental sensors, through the sensor monitoring of PM2.5, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental information.

, the most interesting is that this intelligent street lamp also has the electric vehicle charging function, at the bottom of the pole set up the public charging pile, the public can scan two-dimensional code mobile phone on poles, Download charge APP query and booking charge, charging fees can be paid by the hand machine.

this new technology led by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Beijing City Management Committee Organization and coordination, Beijing city lighting management center is responsible for the specific implementation.

as the implementation of intelligent lamp project, deputy director of the Beijing city lighting management center operation maintenance department Chen Renxian said intelligent lamp not only beautify the city road, and to avoid duplication of infrastructure, so that resource integration, intensive management.

Chen Ren said that the implementation of intelligent lamp single lamp intelligent control, installation of the operating system, on a computer to monitor the real-time operation of each street lamp. After the discovery of the fault, the staff can accurately locate which section of the lights, but also eliminates the artificial night inspection links, saving manpower.

according to reports, the project put into operation, with the support of the municipal government, the intelligent lamp will move towards the popularization and application of entity. Beijing in the six districts of the city within the scope of the pilot to complete the construction of 100 composite poles.

science and technology in the development of people’s living conditions are changing, constantly making surprises. Beijing street smart lampposts, "lead people into a new era, opened a new city road construction. I hope in the future, intelligent products can bring us more surprises.

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