How to do beauty salon advertising

in recent years, the beauty industry has developed rapidly, because of the beauty industry produce change and shock, the beauty salon to do want to do its own brand agency, agent. Therefore, the beauty of the product investment has been constantly changing.

"reckless with greed" strategy

this was a major investment magic many beauty companies. At the same time, agents at all levels to join the common goal of business is to get more profit beauty. So, a lot of beauty companies to seize this, in the promotion of investment activities in order to promote the huge profit margins as the theme, a considerable part of the dealer has a strong attraction and allure. Henan has a beauty cosmetics company in the media investment advertising focused on the 300% of the profits, the results received a telephone consultation more than and 300. The success of this model is to seize the psychological part of the most valued dealers. However, since the end of 2004, the beauty industry leak Book event, this model gradually lose power, because we all know the cost price of the product, understand that it is the manufacturer of digital games.


"change danger into safety strategy

first promotion strategy

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