Foshan nternet plus nnovation Park Foundation yesterday

Guangdong is a strong base of the electricity supplier, not only developed economy, is gathering a lot of technological innovation talent, provide good entrepreneurial atmosphere for entrepreneurs, Foshan is building Internet plus innovation park, will boost the "Internet plus" and the integration of traditional manufacturing.

yesterday, created by the SASAC Foshan Internet plus Innovation Park (including North Park, South Park) in Chancheng foundation, will help build the Foshan Experimental Zone Application Innovation China "Internet plus".

Former Vice Minister of Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation

Foshan Internet plus innovation park is the SASAC as the carrier Internet plus the innovation of industrial cluster "build, is the embodiment of" Internet plus "thinking of the public service platform, is bigger and stronger enterprises, major move services for small and medium sized enterprises.

according to the location, function, location, Foshan Internet plus innovation park is divided into North and south two yuan. The park is located in the "Zen West Metro" Zhangcha street, adjacent to the Foshan European Industrial Park, Foshan Funeng power plant covers an area of 155 acres, will focus on building a "complete big data industry ecological one system, three platforms, five support"; South Park is located in Chancheng District of Shiwan West area fog Kong, covering 300 acres, will build public surplus · German rice intellectual capital (DKC) Southern China base, global innovation network of industrial design industrial design service center, IBM global cognitive networking cloud platform, green finance, public capital investment and Financing Platform Innovation Incubation Platform five platform.

"Foshan forward" in 13th Five-Year during the manufacturing sector to create first-tier cities, we must take the "Internet plus" this train." Zhao Hai said, "Internet plus" has become an important way for the transformation of traditional industries, Foshan to build Internet plus innovation park, to promote the integration of "Internet plus" and the traditional manufacturing industry.

it is understood that the city attaches great importance to the "Internet plus", big data industry development. In 2015, the city in the province issued the first "Internet plus action plan", and in September successfully held China (Guangdong) Internet plus international exposition, goal is through 3~5, will create the largest International Expo Internet plus "Internet plus" application platform. According to the plan, by 2017, the new technology of the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other "Internet plus" and the new mode and concept will be in the Foshan economic and social comprehensive popularization and application, make Foshan become the test area application innovation China "Internet plus" + ", become one of the global Internet Center".


– North Park

North Park is located in the "recommended

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