When the customer commitment to pay attention to what

The current

market, clear, intense competition, the mall complex incomparable, so that consumers can not be assured, but if businesses can be given the relevant commitments, will undoubtedly allow customers to be more at ease, so as to promote the deal. However, many businesses only want to promise, should pay attention to the place but did not pay attention to. So, when the customer commitment to pay attention to what?

in the purchase, some customers have expressed doubts about the purchase, because of the fear of taking on the risk of the purchase of products or services. If the salesperson can provide a reliable commitment, so that the customer’s purchase behavior becomes no risk, or at least to minimize the risk, it will greatly eliminate the doubts of customers.

, of course, provide any products and services are at risk, this is understandable, but the statement and publicize your promise, your risk of business prospects will be weakened, and greatly improve the potential customers to trust you, enhance their willingness to buy, and ultimately encourage customers to deal with you.

salesman Song Yu to a company to promote the software system, he and the company in charge of the negotiations, the appropriate use of the commitment, the results of a large order signed.

the software system of this company is often out of order, which seriously affects the efficiency of the company. After research, the company decided to invest large sums of money, a comprehensive update of the company’s software system.

song after the news, went to negotiate. Through the efforts of the company’s relevant person in charge of the song to promote the software system finally had a little intention. However, in view of the quality of software system before the purchase is not high, the manager has refused to sign the bill, hoping to find another quality and more reliable performance, more favorable price system.

in the face of this situation, the song to the manager to ensure: if you use our software I take the time to personally give you free shipping, free installation, the entire installation by my personal supervision, and so you check! If in the running because I provide a software problem, I promise: in addition to the software not money, but also for all losses caused by baopei."

manager of the company to see the attitude of the song so confident firm, think for a while and said: "well, then try it!"

so, Xiao Song smoothly with the company traded.

in the sales process, when customers meet the product price is too high, the total is relatively large, the risk is relatively large, this kind of product is not very understanding, the characteristics of quality did not grasp, have shilly-shally psychological barriers or turnover phenomenon is very normal, for this, the sales staff should make a commitment to the customer in time that assurance, enhance customer confidence, promote.

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