Yellow barbecue join process

in many projects in parity delicacy, more suitable for mass consumption of food items is Huang barbecue this unique dining brand. Huang barbecue is a good choice for cheap food. Huang barbecue surly gives investors a business platform, its huge investment advantage is not only reflected in the quality of the brand and unique products, but also in management and professional services, but also reflected in the low on everyone affordable consumption. So how to join the barbecue?

barbecue shop brand choose yellow home barbecue? How to join this brand? What needs to join the conditions? See the following details:

yellow barbecue join conditions:

1, we want you to be able to really want to develop the strength of the investors and operators;

2, need to have certain management ability, have good reputation, have good investment mentality.

3, identification with company management, business philosophy, willing to work with the company to develop, subject to the headquarters of the management;

4, according to the headquarters of the requirements of the use of uniform signs, counters, VI and store image system;

yellow barbecue join process:

1, consulting matters, to understand the brand characteristics, determine the intention to join.

2, the franchisee to understand the local market environment and the demand for it.

3, join the qualification assessment, signed the contract and join the franchise.

5, the company issued a letter of authorization for the franchisee, to join the franchise, management guidance and other information;

6, the company and the franchisee to join the shop decoration design;

7, personnel recruitment, personnel training, renovation completed, the goods in place, officially opened.

8, follow-up management guidance, improve the sales process.


above is the editor of the Huang family barbecue franchise and introduce the joining process, of course, if you are on the barbecue to join the brand what other issues need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, see the message after we will arrange our staff to contact you.