Nearly 20 entrepreneurs to visit Japan to accept a baptism of wisdom

have to say, Japan in many ways, there is a place worthy of study. At the end of the month, in the family heritage research center, CEIBS Japan Nomura Research Institute under the help of the author involved in the planning of the "Chinese entrepreneurs – Japan business wisdom tour". As its name, the main purpose of this trip is to explore the wisdom of Japanese business. From the end of the project, pofeizhouzhe. But in just a week (11/24-12/1), nearly 20 entrepreneurs have been stimulated to stimulate and inspire more than everyone expected. Why should

"why Japanese

"to go to Japan?" I’m afraid not answer this question. I think the reason still needs to pay attention to Japan, not only because of Japan’s business and economy, and the construction of the whole society than China more mature and more perfect, more important is to Japan and China look similar actually quite different.