Beauty salon site four gold lots

as a result of people’s appearance and has a direct relationship, leading to the beauty industry is constantly usher in greater development. At present, although the domestic economy as a whole is not booming, but the beauty industry is still thriving. Because beauty has become a part of the lives of women, rather than not essential consumer goods. And with the superiority of living conditions, a lot of women’s love for their own image of the more attention, so also further achievements of the beauty market prosperity. Then intend to invest in beauty salons, where should be suitable? Xiaobian teach you!

one, open in the densely populated communities around the community

"people are more powerful". The beauty salon opened in densely populated communities, around, like a knife directly inserted into the heart. Do not need to spend a lot of effort to solicit; but do not need to do some unnecessary advertising propaganda. Just need to put some of the beauty salon decoration on the billboards in the doorway to identify the core of the beauty salon products and characteristics of the project, you can attract more customers into the store. But be sure to pay attention to the flow of people in the supermarket, near the school or neighborhood square, etc..

two, a street in the industry or business district polymerization lot

a lot of people do not understand why the operation of the industry is relatively concentrated place? Once there are a lot of the same type of business, it is clear that the purpose of consumer spending. Of course, we must know their competitors, identify their own positioning, highlighting the characteristics of. Find the core competitiveness of the killer; well differentiated competition preparation, while avoiding the homogenization of competition, to find their own sky. In such a lot of beauty salons must have a fierce competition to prepare and bear the pressure of psychological preparation.

three, in the bustling business center


store rents are very high in the bustling commercial center, is worth. Rent up to ten thousand per square meter. Moreover, the grade of this place, area, decoration can not be sloppy, positioning must be high-end beauty club. If you have strong financial strength, positioning in high-end customers, it is necessary to consider. The benefits are obvious, high traffic, high customer price, cost recovery speed. But we must do what, otherwise it will lead to the beauty salon business in trouble.

four, in office buildings, office buildings concentrated lot

In the area of

and opened beauty salons have different approaches but equally satisfactory results and wonderful. Are the use of flow more concentrated, the stability of customer groups. Customer groups for white-collar Beauty is another advantage. Their income level is high, the thought vanguard, conforms to the beauty salon the localization. Fast paced high pressure in the workplace, they also want to relieve stress and mood. A nicely decorated, warm and comfortable, thoughtful service salons, no doubt will be recommended

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