Li Kaifu today announced the formation of a new VC company financing 100 million

September 7th news, Li Kaifu, President of Google, who has just left the morning, will announce the details of the formation of the newly established enterprise. It is reported that the new company will be a new model similar to VC enterprise, designed to help young entrepreneurs. This is the morning and the Tencent of science and technology obtained from another source of the message is like.

in fact, yesterday Tencent technology has learned that Li Kaifu founded the VC company has been named as the "Innovation workshop" (, a new office set up in Beijing Haidian District Tsinghua Science Park, and Google Chinese office in a science and technology park.

sources familiar with the situation of science and technology to the Tencent said that Li Kaifu VC will adopt new methods of coaching, namely in the selected project, or Li Kaifu will assist the entrepreneurial team to himself as CEO, until after mature and independent.

Innovation workshop website text is not yet fully determined. Innovation workshop plans to invest $60 billion in the next five years. Investors are Fortune 100 companies, well-known venture capital and Chinese and American elite. The more number of successful people enthusiastically in counseling young entrepreneurs, including * * *, the addition of innovation works a tiger with wings added."

previously, Tencent technology also received news from the VC circle, said Li Kaifu, the newly established VC scale will be around $100 million. Fund raisers even include the founder of the video site youtube, Legend Holdings President Liu Chuanzhi and the United States top venture capital companies.

Innovation workshop will focus on the scope of investment in the Internet, mobile Internet and information technology industry and other three areas. This site wrote: "Innovation workshop will the selection of the most outstanding entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurs, engineers, the optimal matching of every business link, at the same time providing funds, guidance and support. Not only greatly improve the probability of success, and entrepreneurs can focus on products and users to accelerate the product cycle (time-to-market). Innovation workshop will become the best integration of entrepreneurial resources."

Li Kaifu also jokes and Tencent technology, he hopes to find some similar Zhou Jie (former Google technical director, founder gold company) such entrepreneurs, the best is 5 years younger than Zhou Jie.

September 4th, Li Kaifu in an exclusive interview with the Tencent of science and technology also introduced their working mode, in the future he said, "I think the best I can still find the most intelligent person, then the delegate they should do it."

"China’s young entrepreneurs, their enthusiasm is very adequate, ability and professional is also very good. Their efforts and hard work and the desire to succeed is very high, but often there is not a point of their own consciousness, what do you need? The learning how to learn what they need?? then what is the whole human mature and grow they are most in need of help. This ability to learn

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