Segments of the industry recruitment website should open up the channels of vertical portals

industry segments the trend of the development of the Internet, and regional recruitment has become the mainstream of today’s recruitment website. This is due to the path dependence of consumers. Consumers have always thought that the idea of regional standards to search for jobs so more in line with the thinking. At present, the relative strength of regional recruitment website seems to prove this point.

first, increase the intensity of online BD:

from the market to open up channels of industry website channels, to subdivide the talent aggregation of domestic industry portals, vertical B2B portal for research, such as iron and steel industry, the development of large South, netizens high recognition is "my steel net, BD cooperation in north area mainly" vertical portal Lange steel net "so this kind of industry with more well-known recruiting channels, and through the replacement of both resources, we have the advantage of products and operations personnel website, and other resources lies in human resources market and industry. This complementary advantages and win-win situation.

two, offline push:

is the main product line meeting industry vertical portal push direction, is one of the profit pattern of these portals, industry recruitment websites can be launched offline activities in the form of cooperation, so as to increase our profit model also effectively push.

industry portal line conference in industry research, the enterprises will be in the form of recruitment, the focus is mainly business owners, and our resources are mainly industry employees, we can combine the two, this Baidu do more successful, Baidu industry seminars hand through the enterprise, hand attract employees to participate in the industry, the industry seminar into an industry on the downstream participating platform, we can also learn from this kind of mode. The registration fee and advertising costs to make profit model, but also effectively promote the brand awareness and reputation.

three, large-scale, standardized website product structure:

industry recruitment also has its advantages, for many jobs cannot or is difficult to cross industry job, so I think we should be based on the website of professional personnel, reduce general personnel positions. A large number of industry personnel will have such demand aggregation, build mutual discussion interactive platform is particularly important, increase the gene polymerization of the community industry talent, increase SNS products to meet the platform for industry personnel, increase microblog products for industry personnel to provide each other to discuss the interactive platform, to meet the diverse needs of talents. At the same time, it can also increase the stickiness of the website and increase the interaction.

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