The pursuit of garbage flow morbid drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters

      what is the flow? In the past, it is income, is the income of SMS alliance, is the income of the website alliance, is the income of the search alliance, or even rogue software installed income. Now, the Union message died; Taobao eBay is not playing, generous investment website less; Baidu search alliance can give money, is pitiful; as for the rogue software, in a general social atmosphere, large companies directly support the less. At this time traffic into what? You didn’t guess wrong, garbage.

      traffic on the Internet, at least more than half can be classified into the category of garbage. From the unit flow can generate revenue, most of the value of the flow can not be compared with Baidu, sina traffic. Even Sina, the value of its blog traffic can not be compared with the news center. Moreover, the value of the flow is showing more and more worthless trend. The value of the last 10 million PV, now may not be able to catch up to 50 million PV. Many have giant garbage with high traffic sites, so the trouble is to find people to pay.

      I once said, "the eye is poisonous," but no one seems to believe. The eyeball and the flow of paranoia, almost led to a generation of Internet entrepreneurs by Chinese. Each site, don’t bother with the media with detached, as vowed to get themselves into the mass media, even if not a "New York Times", at least to make "the sun", and only the three version, no other version.

      Chinese Internet media this complex, can lead to real application for users to create the value of the site is difficult to do it, because the application is to the user as the goal, rather than on the user’s browsing target. If the door is not heavy traffic, felt no work, no matter who through the chariot is really with what you do about. When applied, the community website, have to follow the flow of the baton, do not take partial blame.

      pursuit of flow of the sick, is actually to put Sina’s business model to his head, even Sina itself did not solve the problem of value UGC traffic, you are not asking for ugly? Even if the flow than Sina, will never be able to produce Sina as the advertising value, which is determined by the flow of the texture itself. A piece of cotton cloth, it can be used to do the most creative T-shirt, you can not put it into high-end suits, B will pay for it.

      flow depreciation, for the Chinese Internet, is a good thing. At least it tells us that if you don’t want to turn your traffic into garbage, think about what you can create value for the user.

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